Enter to win US$50,000 in scholarships
and get 1yr Hotspot Shield VPN
privacy protection for free.
($42 value!)

Why use Hotspot Shield?

Share privately. Connect securely.

  • Save money on your mobile data plan.
  • Stay private on campus, in coffee shops, dorms & more!

Important Details:

  • To be eligible for the free one-year Hotspot Shield Subscription and the scholarship contest, you need to be currently enrolled in college, and use your .edu or .ac.uk email address to sign-up. Contest runs from April 1st to June 9th.
  • PRIZES: Total $50,000 in scholarships to 10 students ($5,000 each). 7 students chosen randomly from Top Three Colleges and 3 chosen randomly from all other entrants.
  • The more you share the better your odds: Students will be awarded one contest entry for signing up, two more for each device activated and one for every college friend who signs up.
  • Top placing colleges are based on the total number of eligible sign-ups and device activations by students at the school.
  • To be counted towards the prize, invites must be sent through the Hotspot Shield’s Portal. Your friends need to use a .edu or .ac.uk address and sign-up from the Portal too.
  • ANDROID users: To get your 1-year FREE subscription, download and sign-up from the app with your .edu or .ac.uk address; you will get a unique promo code via email.
  • Check the complete rules to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

A. Eligibility

  1. I already use Hotspot Shield. Can I still enter the Challenge?

    Yes, if you have a valid .edu or ac.uk email address you can enter the challenge and receive a 1-year free subscription on PC, Mac or iOS devices.

  2. I already graduated from my college. Am I eligible?

    Only current full-time students are eligible.

  3. I work at a university and have a .edu email address. Can I use the email to enter the Challenge?

    Only students are eligible to win a scholarship prize, however faculty and staff can register and install the app to help their school win the challenge.

  4. I’m graduating this summer. Am I still able to join and get scholarship prize?

    Yes, all current full-time students are eligible to win.

  5. I have an Android device can I also participate?

    Currently Android devices for technical reasons cannot be included in this challenge and will not count toward your entry total. However, you can still install the Hotspot Shield VPN app on your phone or pad by visiting the Googleplay store.

B. Site functionality

  1. How can I download the software on my laptop?

    Visit http://hotspotshield.com to install the software on your PC or Mac.

  2. How can I download the iPhone app?

    Visit the Apple App Store and search for Hotspot Shield VPN.

  3. How can I invite friends?

    Create an account at http://hsselite/sign-up portal and click on the invite friends tab. Any friend who registers on this page will count toward an additional entry in the scholarship competition.

  4. My friend does not have .edu or .ac.uk address. Can I still share about the campaign?

    Yes, you can share with friends who do not have an eligible address, however they will not count toward your entries.

C. About product (Hotspot Shield)

  1. What is Hotspot Shield? What is Hotspot Elite?

    Hotspot Shield is a VPN (virtual private network) service provided through an application download. There are versions for PC, Mac, iOS and Android. It provides privacy, security, access to block sites, and on mobile devices it helps save on your data plan by compressing data. On PC and Mac there is a free, ad-supported version. A premium or Elite version is available by subscription which has no ads, faster connection and added Malware protection.

  2. Why should I use it?

    Hotspot Shield VPN provides you with a secure tunnel to the internet to protect your online privacy and security. In addition it detects and blocks malware and on mobile devices will help save on your data plan by compressing data that is downloaded.

  3. Who’s behind the campaign and product?

    Hotspot Shield is the product of AnchorFree, Inc. based in Mountain View, CA. It is the world’s most popular VPN and has been downloaded more than 120 million times across PC, Mac, Android and iOS platforms.

D. Campaign rules

  1. How do you pick the winners for the scholarship?

    Scholarship winners will be selected from all eligible entries in the Privacy Challenge. Seven winners of $5,000 scholarships will be chosen from among students at the Top 3 Privacy Challenge schools. Three others will be chosen at random from all other student entries.

  2. How do you pick the top schools? What’s the benefit of being top?

    The top schools will be based on the most number of student entries from that school. Apart from the glory of beating other schools, the benefits of being on top is that it will increase the chances that you or a classmate will be the recipient of a scholarship.

  3. How can I increase my chances of winning?

    You can increase your chances of winning three ways: you get an additional entry for every friend you invite from our http://hsselite.com portal who signs up from that portal; you get two additional entries for each additional device you install and connect with; you can greatly increase your odds by helping your school to place in the Top 3 schools.

  4. Can I invite friends in different schools?

    Yes, you can invite friends from other schools. Any student with a valid email address who signs up from the http://hsselite.com/sign-up will count as an entry in the scholarship competition.

  5. Can I invite non-college student friends?

    Yes, you may share Hotspot Shield with non-college friends and they will appreciate you for it. However, they will not count as an additional entry in the context.

  6. What if my friends do not sign up?

    If your friends do not sign up from the official contest portal, they will not count as an additional entry in the scholarship contest.